Our List of Literary Services

Million$Pen, Ink. offers quality writing services at affordable and competitive prices scalable for all your content needs. We have built a system that provides the fastest turnaround times without compromising excellence. We specialize in Search Engine Optimized content that people enjoy reading.

MDPI creates reasonably priced press releases, biographies, blog posts and social media content. To ensure personalization, our clients contribute to the process every step of the way. As the customer your needs and expectations drive the concerted efforts of our writing team. We build long-term relationships with each of our clients because a mutually beneficial alliance is critical to continued success. This personal approach affords us an opportunity to completely understand every customer’s vision.

Biography Writing Services:

Our specialty. We take considerable pride in our well-written and sought after Biographies (Bios).

Whether it is for your website or a press kit, the content and quality of your biography is extremely important. The bio is the proverbial “first impression” and you only get one opportunity to set yourself apart from the masses in the most competitive industries. We develop a comprehensive, captivating and personalized descriptions that immediately draw the reader in and rouses their senses. Our top priority is making sure you land that ideal job, coveted movie or television role or once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a prominent agent and manager. Your life and experience will leap off the page and recount a compelling history and resume no one will be able to resist.

Blog and Social Media Writing Service:

With the explosive popularity of social media dominating just about every aspect of our lives (personal and professional), creating and maintaining a steady stream of compelling content is non-negotiable if you wish to be a popular and relevant communicator.

Million$Pen, Ink. offers a variety of options for writing your Blog and updating your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Clients can opt for several updates written and posted over a specified period of time or request content on a weekly basis. Our blog and social media writing services guarantee 100% unique and high quality posts that keep your niche engaged, informed and interested.

Press Release Writing Service:

Press release writing can be quite a challenge. When you consider that a one-page pitch could determine if you are published in a magazine or newspaper or contacted by an editor or producer for an interview or a valuable booking opportunity, it is imperative that you make that page count. Press releases are intended to be concise, detailed and captivating. All written statements to the media must accurately and adequately convey the who, what, when, where and how of your mission; that goal is our top-priority.

Million$Pen, Ink. handles each press release order with one main objective: to deliver unique, high quality media pitches that get noticed and help generate interest and business.

Campaign Letters, Acceptance and Concession Speeches:

Whether you are running for local or state office or vying for a leadership role in a company or organization, reaching your potential constituency is imperative. While a sound, thoughtful and effective political agenda is the core of any successful campaign, conveying that you are concerned about and committed to addressing the needs of the people can set you apart as the best candidate for the job.

Million$Pen, Ink. will provide a letter that will effectively get your message across and have a strong influence on public opinion. We strive to take advantage of every opportunity to articulate your views in a way that the recipient can understand to maximize your chances of winning an election, attracting volunteers or securing essential donations.

Our Price List

Our services are completed in a professional, timely and cost effective manner. Our competitive rates are based on the extensive research we dedicate to each blog, bio and press release.

Custom Biographies
$100.00 – Up to 1,000 Words (No Minimum Order Requirements)
Custom Blog Posts
$0.06 per Word – No Minimum or Maximum Length (No Minimum Order Requirements)
Custom Press Releases
$100.00 – First 500 Words. $0.25 Each Additional Word.
Custom Campaign Letters, Acceptance and Concession Speeches
$100.00 – Up to 1,000 Words (No Minimum Order Requirements)